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조주희 학생

학생이름 : 조주희

졸업정보 : Overbrook & Everest Collegiate High school 졸업생

People say that our personality and qualities change over time by many experiences, I do agree with that statement since my personality and qualities have changed after I interacted with many other people. I can best describe myself by telling you about my journey as an international student.

At first when I arrive to America it was September, 9th 2012. It was a warm and hot day of Rhode Island. I arrive with several Korean girls and was afraid of new people in other countries. Imagine yourself surrounded by scary big eyes, different colors of hair, different cultures, and languages. It was frightening for a 13year old girl. It was hard at first and sadness would overwhelmed me every day and night. However by new learning and experience I had changed my life completely. I learn to be brave, charitable, and perseverant through many apostolic projects, through friends, and by believing myself. It might sounds easy to many people, but it was still difficult especially the language. For example my dear friend, Songha Kim, made the funniest mistake with Miss Rose. One day she came to Miss. Rose with a smile telling her, “Miss Rose you look like a poo!” Miss Rose told her she was in great trouble tried to punish her. Songha still repeating the word finally realized she was trying to say the word, “Winnie the Pooh.” 

After my year at Overbrook, I came to Everest to continue my studies in America. With many interactions with the Americans and Mexicans, I developed many cultures. I started to understand people who have difficulties. Especially towards different people I met, I tried to accept their culture. One time I even thought that “caspa” was an English word for dandruff. This showed me how I was learning English and Spanish which is the reason why I work hard because I don’t want to be overwhelmed by languages. It was hard and scared to be with my classmates, but I started to look them in good positive spirit. I never realized that how lucky I am to be with the funniest and positive class. Through their help and the borders, I have learned to be confident. Throughout the years at Everest I have had a great experience. I never had imagined myself in America, going out for competitive sports, leadership, and especially involved in Science Olympiad. I tried out for this because being at Everest has helped me to go out and experience new things. In sports, I played tennis in spring.

Last year I was involved as a Challenge leader and this year I’m trying out for Science Olympiad. My hobbies are the same as in Korea. I enjoy reading books, listening to classical, KPOP(Korean Pop), and Normal Pop songs. I enjoy watching movies and love talking to many different people. My favorite foods are Korean foods, spaghetti, and Mexican foods especially “chilaquiles” Miss Cantu makes. My favorite color is aqua blue, sky blue, and orange like the color of sunset. My favorite subject is World History II because I love history since it shows the difference aspects of culture.

I have many things to work on still, although I will try my best little by little – always trying and persevering for others. Even I look like an Asian and I am an Asian, I’m still 100% Everest. 

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